Aims of „Lay judges“ Foundation (Bulgaria*):

  • Promotion of the lay judges institute;
  • encouraging citizens to apply for lay judges;
  • advocating for better conditions for lay judges;
  • participation in events of the European Network of Associations of Lay Judges (ENALJ);
  • informing the public about the European Day of Lay Judges (May 11th).

*Sadeben zasedatel is the Bulgarian word for lay judge.

Judges gavel and block


Lay judge Mimo Garcia, founder and director of the „Lay judges” Foundation; France’s special envoy for LGBTI rights around the world Jean-Marc Berthon; and Simeon Vassilev, activist and founder of „GLAS” Foundation at the conference „A family like any other” dedicated to the protection of family relations in same-sex married couples (29 May 2024)