Lay judge Mimo Garcia — founder and director of Lay judges Foundation

In 2021, Mimo Garcia was sworn in as a lay judge, Sofia regional court (term 2021 – 2025). Founder and director of „Lay judges“ Foundation (2022 – present). He represented the Republic of Bulgaria at the European Day of Lay Judges in Poznan, Republic of Poland. Organizer of the European Day of Lay Judges 2023, which is celebrated for the first time in Bulgaria, and of the conference of the European Network of Associations of Lay Judges (ENALJ), which is held for the first time in Bulgaria between 12 and 14 May 2023 year.

Scriptwriter and director of the short film. In 2019, he co-authored „Let’s talk together“, an online platform for psycho-logopaedic help and support. In February 2024, he has been part of the teams of the „Autism Today“ Association and the National Patient Organization.

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